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How Can You Get Financing for Dental Procedures?

Dental procedures cost a lot of money, and many types of insurance only cover a portion of the total expense. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you have to go without critical dental care just because you’re low on money. Dental payment plans and dental financing options can help you pay for even the most costly procedure without breaking your budget. Many options exist to enhance patient financing and give you the leg up you need.

Healthcare Credit Cards

Certain credit card options exist for those who have an income need that can provide an easy option for patient payment plans. Medical financing companies that offer these plans often provide a grace period where interest does not apply. That means that if you can pay your balance off in full during this no interest payment, usually 12 or 18 months, you don’t have to pay an extra cent. You do need to be careful when dealing with this options, however. If you can’t pay off the card balance in full during the no interest period, all the interest gets applied at once. This can put somebody who is having financial difficulties in an even deeper hole.

Dental Loans

Like healthcare credit cards, dental loans provide you with dental financing plans that offer a low interest rate and can be affordable for at least a short while. Dental loans function like virtually any other kind of loan, in which the lender controls the term and interest rates. Such loans are best suited to those who have strong credit and who expect that they can make all the payments in a timely manner. People who are getting bracelets, implants, or another costly procedure that their insurance doesn’t completely cover can benefit from breaking the payment into smaller chunks. However, those who have poor credit or no credit history can find themselves stuck with poor terms and high rates.

No Credit Check Financing

Some companies, such as, offer no credit check financing options that combine the best of both worlds. These financing plans work very similarly to a loan or credit card, but they do not require a thorough check of your credit up front. This is particularly beneficial to people in financial need, as it means that a few past mistakes don’t prevent you from getting the care you need right now. These dental financing options also provide a 0% interest period that allows you to avoid paying high fees right from the start. The best plans also require no down payment. This allows you to start saving right away and make sure that you stay ahead of your payment due dates.

When determining what dental financing options are right for you, it is best to look at your specific needs and credit history. Can you afford to make a down payment? Do you expect to have your entire bill paid one year from now? Do you have a strong credit history? If you think you might have any trouble with credit cards or loans, targeting a no credit check financing option is a very good idea.

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Best Online Reputation Management Strategies for Dentists

Your reputation is an important part of your dental practice. In many ways, it might be the most important part, because without a strong reputation your patients will avoid your practice entirely. In the modern world, you need to worry about both your local reputation and your online reputation. Luckily, there are techniques you can use to help improve both. From dental payment plans to strong marketing strategies, here are some reputation management tips for you.

Provide a Variety of Payment Options

Dental finance is one area where you can win over a lot of different customers. Because of the high cost of so many complex dental procedures, people are always looking for a way to enhance patient financing. If you offer a wide array of different patient payment plans, you will find your reputation starting to soar. Moreover, the range of options you offer can help spread the word about your practice, as they form relationships with medical financing companies that can help both you and your patients. Ideal dental financing plans include options for no credit check financing, such as the choices offered through The more choice you provide patients, the better your reputation will be.

Curate a Strong Social Media Presence

If you don’t already have a social media account on each of the major social networks set up for your practice, you should create those immediately. But it’s not enough to just have the accounts – you also need to curate them carefully and keep them up to date. Your social media profiles should include contact information, your hours of operation, and consistent content that patients might find useful, from brushing tips to dental payment options. Most importantly for your reputation, you need to make sure that all questions or conversations posted on your social media account receives a prompt answer. The more responsive and engaging you can be, the more customers will look favorably upon you.

Provide Useful Industry-Related Advice

If you only focus on the services your patients pay for, most people won’t think about your practice more than once or twice a year. On the other hand, the worldwide web is a perfect place to deliver useful, quality content that can benefit your patients. Post industry advice or dental cleaning tips as part of a blog on your website. Provide useful infographics to your patients via social media. The more free, high-quality content you can provide to your patients, the more they will come to see your practice as an essential part of their lives. This improves your overall reputation and often convinces others who might not know about you to migrate over to your practice.

A poor online reputation can cost you not only when it comes to recruiting new patients, but also when it comes to retaining your current patients. By using the tips above, you can increase your visibility and improve your online reputation with ease. This also allows you to provide useful information to your patients, so everybody gets some benefit from these practices.

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5 Important Reasons to Secure Your Dental Practice Website

Your dental practice website is one of the most powerful and important marketing tools you can have at your disposal. It’s not enough just to have a website, however. You need to make sure that your website is both functional and, above all else, secure. The site needs to be an extension of your practice – if your patients can’t trust the website, they can’t trust your office. There are important reasons why you should secure your practice webpage to protect your patients.

1: Your Office Deals in Financial Information

Patients set up dental payment plans, provide medical histories, and offer additional personal information to your office. While not all of this information flows through a website, a great deal of it can. If you offer online consultations or appointment requests, then patients offer information about themselves to your website. This means that a malicious third party can use an insecure site to mine data and get information about your patients’ dental finance preferences, vital statistics, and more.

2: Dental Practices are Frequently Targeted

Dental practices have a reputation for poor website security. This is because many practices allocate few resources to their website or simply don’t understand the importance of effective cybersecurity. Because of this reputation, hackers and other malicious actors specifically target dental websites when installing malware and other programs that can gain them access to people’s secure information. By providing good security, you stop many of these hackers in their tracks.

3: You Can Earn Your Patients’ Trust

Not all patients know a lot about cybersecurity, but a growing number of people are learning about the importance of a private, secure connection. Modern web browsers show a website’s security status in the address bar, and additional information can be learned through the click of a button. If your website shows up as secure, your patients will immediately respect your practice more and place more trust in what you are doing.

4: Legal Protection

If you do not have a secure website and get hacked, you can be legally liable for any damages done to customers who provided information through the unsecured connection. On the flip side of this issue, a website that has proper, up-to-date security protocols allows protection from liability for the practice. Just as you would be in trouble if you left confidential patient information out for anybody to see, you can be in trouble if you don’t secure your patients’ online data.

5: Provide Better Patient Financing

Once you have a secure website and a good payment platform, you can use it to make your patients’ lives easier by offering ways that can enhance patient financing. This could include ways in which to set up patient payment plans, or it could provide access to medical financing companies such as, which offers very flexible financing to all patients. Offering online access to dental financing plans makes life easier for both you and your patients.

For all the reasons listed above, it is imperative that you take care of your website security and take the issue seriously. You owe it to both your practice and your patients to use the best security measures possible.

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Reducing Broken Appointments in Your Dental Clinic

Broken appointments inconvenience everybody. For the patient, it means that important cleaning or dental procedures get postponed, sometimes weeks or months down the line. For the practice, it means a drop in income and a tighter schedule for patients in the future. There are a number of different ways to reduce broken appointments, ranging from improved communication skills to better dental payment plans. The tips below can greatly reduce this inconvenience.

Excellent Verbal Communication

One of the biggest reasons that patients break appointments is simply due to communications breakdowns. Your practice’s receptionist or office manager should work hard to present information clearly and consistently after an appointment and when confirming follow-ups. Patients should have a clear knowledge of their next appointment dates, what will occur during the appointment and what dental finance options are available to them. This information can be reinforced with an appointment card, but strong verbal communication will make a longer-lasting impression in the patient’s mind.

Keep Appointments Close

When your office schedules appointments beyond the normal cleaning and maintenance needed every six months, it is a good idea not to space out those appointments too far. While you certainly need to keep an eye on the appropriate timetable, keeping repeat appointments close reduces the chance that something gets forgotten. Sometimes, patients try to stagger their procedures to fit with an insurance calendar. In those cases, notifying them of options that allow people to enhance patient financing might change their minds.

Outline the Consequences

In order to emphasize the importance of not breaking appointments, you should make sure that the consequences are clearly outlined. This usually involved a fee of approximately $25, which serves as enough deterrent to make sure that people who have conflicts make arrangements well in advance. Your policy will only work if patients are clearly notified, however. You should also make the limits of the policy clear – if people think a missed appointment might damage their patient payment plans, they might avoid your practice entirely.

Provide Strong Financing Options

Dental financing worries often cause hesitation and delay when it comes to appointments. Patients might miss appointments due to worries about the cost of a procedure, or they might try to constantly reschedule to fit their insurance calendars. They best way to avoid this issue is to contact medical financing companies and look into easy, effective payment options. Dental financing plans such as the ones provided through provide patients with a way to get financing without a credit check and without having to worry about high interest rates. This increases patient engagement, which in turn reduces the chance that you will have to deal with missed appointments.

The common thread between all of these suggestions is a matter of openness and clarity with your patients. As long as your patients realize that keeping their appointments is easy, in their best interest, and cost effective, they will become much less likely to break an appointment they have already made. This works to everybody’s advantage and allows your practice to run at maximum efficiency.

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