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3 Ways the Dental Industry Will Change in 2018

The dental industry changes both more rapidly and more frequently than many people think. 2017 saw many changes, and 2018 will see many more. From more convenient dental payment plans to dental practices that focus more on patient comfort, one of the major trends facing the industry is the need to improve the patient experience. Here are a few ways in which the dental industry stands to change in big ways throughout the coming year.

1: A Smaller Gender Gap

While the dental industry remains predominantly male, the demographics have been changing rapidly recently. Dental students graduating college and entering the workforce for the first time in 2018 are at a 50/50 gender split. This means that younger dentists will likely be more mindful of women’s needs overall. 2018 will probably see the smallest gender gap in the industry’s history. As the older generation of dentists retires, the gap will grow smaller still. For the immediate future, you can expect practices that traditionally have mostly male doctors hiring on more women. There hasn’t been a conscious bias against women in the industry, so many practices are simply embracing the changing times.

2: Better Finance Options

Dental practices have looked for ways to enhance patient financing for years, and 2018 will provide more dental finance options than ever before. Many of these finance options focus on improved patient payment plans that provide more flexibility and lots of ways to pay online or via a mobile device. Medical financing companies will do their part to try to compete in the market, with the most successful dental financing plans trending toward options like, which offer no credit check, 0% financing options. Such payment plans offer patients a chance to take control of their dental health without hurting their long-term financing prospects.

3: More Group Practices

The traditional image of a dental practice is a small office that consists of one dentist or perhaps a partnership of two. Times have moved away from the solo practice, and 2018 will likely see more group practices formed than in any year prior. Group practices offer many advantages, including the ability for younger dentists who are just starting out in the industry to work with other trained professionals while they manage the burden of student loan debt. Having multiple professionals together in one practice also provides a way to utilize multiple strengths. For example, it means that one person doesn’t have to be responsible for marketing, outreach, social media, and other non-dental business procedures.

The upcoming trends in the dental industry have been brewing for some time, but 2018 will see a marked shift in terms of those hints becoming reality. The future is now, in more ways than one. The faces behind the dental masks are changing, the business models are shifting, and even dental financing options are becoming more flexible and favorable to the patient. As a whole, the industry is ready to enter an exciting new future that many are eager to be a part of.

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Beginner’s Guide to Branding Your Dental Practice

When you start your own dental practice, you need to become more than just a practitioner. You need to assemble a team of professionals who can help deliver the best business possible for your region. This involves a heavy dose of branding and modern marketing techniques. If you, like many practitioners out there, are not sure what to do when it comes to branding, read on to find some useful things to keep in mind.

Be Up Front with Your Options

From services offered to dental payment plans, patients should know a good deal about the choices available to them before they step into your office for the first time. Make sure you are up front with your choices, especially the most common dental procedures such as cleanings and dental implants. You should also make sure to highlight your dental finance options. By letting people know how they can enhance patient financing through your practice, you put them at ease even before their first appointment.

Make Your Branding Patient-Focused

Whenever you give away anything that has your practice name or logo on it, you should make sure that it has some use for the patient. Branded toothbrushes are very popular, since they serve as a consistent reminder of where patients can go for good dental hygiene. If you have any marketing or branding that your patients don’t see, you are wasting time and money. Anything bearing your brand should be patient-focused.

Creating a Social Presence

Every practice knows that it needs a website and social media page in today’s digital age, but few people fully understand that keeping your online branding static hurts business. The quality of your digital brand is based on the value of information your provide and the way in which you interact with your patients. You should encourage conversations and answer questions about things patients often have trouble understanding, such as the different options for patient payment plans. This helps people see your brand as something they can trust.

Listen Carefully

Among all other things, you need to listen carefully to what your patients want and make sure to adjust your branding strategy appropriately. If you encounter numerous people who want better financing options than what most medical financing companies offer, look into dental financing options such as to make sure that even those who have financial hardship can afford the procedures they need in order to maintain a healthy smile. If your patients want more information about certain procedures, consider adding a frequently asked questions section to your website. The worst branding mistake you can make is not soliciting feedback from your patients. Listen carefully and adjust.

Branding your dental practice is about knowing your patient base, listening to what they have to say, and engaging in conversations with them. From there, you need to provide marketing information that is useful to them, be it through free giveaways or information about dental financing options. By paying attention and remaining active, you can make your dental practice a brand that people trust.

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How Can You Get Financing for Dental Procedures?

Dental procedures cost a lot of money, and many types of insurance only cover a portion of the total expense. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you have to go without critical dental care just because you’re low on money. Dental payment plans and dental financing options can help you pay for even the most costly procedure without breaking your budget. Many options exist to enhance patient financing and give you the leg up you need.

Healthcare Credit Cards

Certain credit card options exist for those who have an income need that can provide an easy option for patient payment plans. Medical financing companies that offer these plans often provide a grace period where interest does not apply. That means that if you can pay your balance off in full during this no interest payment, usually 12 or 18 months, you don’t have to pay an extra cent. You do need to be careful when dealing with this options, however. If you can’t pay off the card balance in full during the no interest period, all the interest gets applied at once. This can put somebody who is having financial difficulties in an even deeper hole.

Dental Loans

Like healthcare credit cards, dental loans provide you with dental financing plans that offer a low interest rate and can be affordable for at least a short while. Dental loans function like virtually any other kind of loan, in which the lender controls the term and interest rates. Such loans are best suited to those who have strong credit and who expect that they can make all the payments in a timely manner. People who are getting bracelets, implants, or another costly procedure that their insurance doesn’t completely cover can benefit from breaking the payment into smaller chunks. However, those who have poor credit or no credit history can find themselves stuck with poor terms and high rates.

No Credit Check Financing

Some companies, such as, offer no credit check financing options that combine the best of both worlds. These financing plans work very similarly to a loan or credit card, but they do not require a thorough check of your credit up front. This is particularly beneficial to people in financial need, as it means that a few past mistakes don’t prevent you from getting the care you need right now. These dental financing options also provide a 0% interest period that allows you to avoid paying high fees right from the start. The best plans also require no down payment. This allows you to start saving right away and make sure that you stay ahead of your payment due dates.

When determining what dental financing options are right for you, it is best to look at your specific needs and credit history. Can you afford to make a down payment? Do you expect to have your entire bill paid one year from now? Do you have a strong credit history? If you think you might have any trouble with credit cards or loans, targeting a no credit check financing option is a very good idea.

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Best Online Reputation Management Strategies for Dentists

Your reputation is an important part of your dental practice. In many ways, it might be the most important part, because without a strong reputation your patients will avoid your practice entirely. In the modern world, you need to worry about both your local reputation and your online reputation. Luckily, there are techniques you can use to help improve both. From dental payment plans to strong marketing strategies, here are some reputation management tips for you.

Provide a Variety of Payment Options

Dental finance is one area where you can win over a lot of different customers. Because of the high cost of so many complex dental procedures, people are always looking for a way to enhance patient financing. If you offer a wide array of different patient payment plans, you will find your reputation starting to soar. Moreover, the range of options you offer can help spread the word about your practice, as they form relationships with medical financing companies that can help both you and your patients. Ideal dental financing plans include options for no credit check financing, such as the choices offered through The more choice you provide patients, the better your reputation will be.

Curate a Strong Social Media Presence

If you don’t already have a social media account on each of the major social networks set up for your practice, you should create those immediately. But it’s not enough to just have the accounts – you also need to curate them carefully and keep them up to date. Your social media profiles should include contact information, your hours of operation, and consistent content that patients might find useful, from brushing tips to dental payment options. Most importantly for your reputation, you need to make sure that all questions or conversations posted on your social media account receives a prompt answer. The more responsive and engaging you can be, the more customers will look favorably upon you.

Provide Useful Industry-Related Advice

If you only focus on the services your patients pay for, most people won’t think about your practice more than once or twice a year. On the other hand, the worldwide web is a perfect place to deliver useful, quality content that can benefit your patients. Post industry advice or dental cleaning tips as part of a blog on your website. Provide useful infographics to your patients via social media. The more free, high-quality content you can provide to your patients, the more they will come to see your practice as an essential part of their lives. This improves your overall reputation and often convinces others who might not know about you to migrate over to your practice.

A poor online reputation can cost you not only when it comes to recruiting new patients, but also when it comes to retaining your current patients. By using the tips above, you can increase your visibility and improve your online reputation with ease. This also allows you to provide useful information to your patients, so everybody gets some benefit from these practices.

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