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Top 10 Dental Technologies Shaping Dentistry Today

The face of dentistry is changing faster than ever before. With the advent of digital technologies and the cloud, dentists are struggling to keep up with the options. So, we curated a list of the top 10 technologies that will help you run a better practice and improve the quality of care you provide to your patients.


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How Does Patient Financing Work?

Patient financing can set your dental practice apart from your competitors, giving your patients the resources they need to afford even the most expensive dental procedures. Instead of adding to their credit card balance or wiping out whatever savings they have, they can finance the cost to better fit their budget and protect their credit and their assets.

Financing plans can vary significantly in terms and conditions. That’s why it’s important for you to understand how it works! Here’s what you need to know so you can choose the right plan for your practice and your patients:

Approval Process

Many finance programs require a credit check to approve applicants. Those who have good credit shouldn’t have any problem getting financing – but that would be true for any program. Those with poor credit or with no credit history often have problems getting financing, and therefore, they often need it the most.

SimplePay financing approves patients who have poor credit and no credit. In fact, patients don’t even have to undergo a credit check to get financing. Applicants have to show a valid ID, provide a social security number, show an active checking account and show proof of income. Applicants can be approved for financing within minutes.

Interest Rates

Interest rates for dental financing programs can be all over the map, just like with credit cards and personal loans. In some cases, the interest rates are no better than credit card interest, removing any incentive for patients to use the financing plan.

SimplePay financing offers zero percent interest. Patients only pay an enrollment fee of $39 when they approved, and they pay a $4 transaction charge each time they get financing. The fee is minimal, and it makes the financing more attractive to patients, encouraging them to follow through on treatment plans.

Practice Fees

Some financing plans charge fees to dental practices that are just as high as the interest they charge patients. With Simple Pay, dental practices pay a monthly fee of $199, and 10 percent is deducted from each transaction. All fees are stated up front, so there are no surprises down the line.

SimplePay also guarantees payment to dental practices. Even if patients don’t pay, you still get paid. Our representatives work with patients to help them figure out a repayment plan. Your practice is protected against loss, and you don’t have to invest payroll hours in collection practices.

Additional Features

Most financing plans don’t offer any other services. Simple Pay offers marketing services in addition to financing, helping you to grow your practice and to win new customers. You will soon have a steady stream of customers and revenue, helping to take your business to the next level. The right marketing strategy will also guard your business against loss even in slow times.

When patients don’t have a way to pay for treatment, you lose money. Insurance only covers a little more than half of treatment costs, on average, and patients are left footing the bill for the rest. If you can offer your patients an affordable way to pay, you can win their business. Consider dental financing to help them and to help your business.

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How to Fill the Gap in Patient Financing

Most people are not prepared to pay for major dental work. After all, no one plans for a root canal or a tooth replacement. Most people only visit the dentist for a biannual cleaning and the occasional filling. Since most people don’t or can’t save money, not only does the emergency dental work take them by surprise health-wise, but it also throws them for a loop financially. Their insurance may cover part of the cost, but it’s usually not enough to make the work affordable.

When patients don’t have the money for their dental bills, it not only hurts them, it also hurts your dental practice. They can’t get the treatment they need, and you lose out on a major sale. Lose enough sales, and your business will suffer.

You can make up the gap in patient funding by offering your own dental financing. They will get the care they need, and you’ll make the profits to keep your dental practice alive.

SimplePay Financing

SimplePay offers financing that can help both patients and dental practices. SimplePay fills the gap between what patients owe and what their insurance covers. Insurance plans cover an average of 55 percent of the bill, which can leave patients with a bill worth several hundred or thousands of dollars, depending on the procedure.

SimplePay financing gives patients the funding they need to afford the dental service. Instead of putting the amount on a credit card that can charge up to 30 percent interest, patients can get financing at zero percent interest. Patients do have to pay a $39 enrollment fee and a $4 fee per transaction, but their overall costs will be significantly reduced when compared to traditional financing.

Dental practices pay a subscription fee of $199 per month for the service, and 10 percent is subtracted from each financed amount. When you compare these fees to the amount of money you lose when patients simply do not pay their bill or when you have to spend money on collection agencies and other outreach efforts, you will see that you are saving a significant amount of money. SimplePay also guarantees payment to your practice, even if the patient doesn’t pay the bill. You lower your risk while also lowering fees for your client. It’s a win-win.

No Credit Checks

What makes SimplePay financing so attractive to patients is that it does not require a credit check. Even patients with bad credit or no credit can be instantly approved for financing. Patients apply with a social security number, valid ID, an active checking account and proof of income. They get approval within minutes, allowing them to make a fast decision about their dental treatment plan.

By giving patients access to fast financing, you reduce the likelihood that they will leave your office and delay treatment or change their mind about it. Booking the appointment right away improves the chance that patients will actually follow through on treatment.

Learn more about SimplePay financing and how it can help your patients while also helping your dental practice grow.

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5 Simple Ways to Know if Your Practice is in a Rut

“The great advantage of being in a rut is that when one is in a rut, one knows exactly where one is.” – Arnold Bennett

While the quote is humorous, the situation isn’t. In fact, many dentists aren’t sure whether or not their practice is in a rut, but if they’re asking the question, there is a good chance it is. (more…)

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SimplePay is a no-credit check, 0% interest financing program that approves all your patients. Get your patient’s treatment financed in 15 minutes and start growing your revenues immediately.