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How to Fill the Gap in Patient Financing

Most people are not prepared to pay for major dental work. After all, no one plans for a root canal or a tooth replacement. Most people only visit the dentist for a biannual cleaning and the occasional filling. Since most people don’t or can’t save money, not only does the emergency dental work take them by surprise health-wise, but it also throws them for a loop financially. Their insurance may cover part of the cost, but it’s usually not enough to make the work affordable.

When patients don’t have the money for their dental bills, it not only hurts them, it also hurts your dental practice. They can’t get the treatment they need, and you lose out on a major sale. Lose enough sales, and your business will suffer.

You can make up the gap in patient funding by offering your own dental financing. They will get the care they need, and you’ll make the profits to keep your dental practice alive.

SimplePay Financing

SimplePay offers financing that can help both patients and dental practices. SimplePay fills the gap between what patients owe and what their insurance covers. Insurance plans cover an average of 55 percent of the bill, which can leave patients with a bill worth several hundred or thousands of dollars, depending on the procedure.

SimplePay financing gives patients the funding they need to afford the dental service. Instead of putting the amount on a credit card that can charge up to 30 percent interest, patients can get financing at zero percent interest. Patients do have to pay a $39 enrollment fee and a $4 fee per transaction, but their overall costs will be significantly reduced when compared to traditional financing.

Dental practices pay a subscription fee of $199 per month for the service, and 10 percent is subtracted from each financed amount. When you compare these fees to the amount of money you lose when patients simply do not pay their bill or when you have to spend money on collection agencies and other outreach efforts, you will see that you are saving a significant amount of money. SimplePay also guarantees payment to your practice, even if the patient doesn’t pay the bill. You lower your risk while also lowering fees for your client. It’s a win-win.

No Credit Checks

What makes SimplePay financing so attractive to patients is that it does not require a credit check. Even patients with bad credit or no credit can be instantly approved for financing. Patients apply with a social security number, valid ID, an active checking account and proof of income. They get approval within minutes, allowing them to make a fast decision about their dental treatment plan.

By giving patients access to fast financing, you reduce the likelihood that they will leave your office and delay treatment or change their mind about it. Booking the appointment right away improves the chance that patients will actually follow through on treatment.

Learn more about SimplePay financing and how it can help your patients while also helping your dental practice grow.

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5 Simple Ways to Know if Your Practice is in a Rut

“The great advantage of being in a rut is that when one is in a rut, one knows exactly where one is.” – Arnold Bennett

While the quote is humorous, the situation isn’t. In fact, many dentists aren’t sure whether or not their practice is in a rut, but if they’re asking the question, there is a good chance it is. (more…)

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5 Simply Essential Components of a Great Dental Website

Your website is the gateway to your practice. It is the often the first glimpse a patient gets of your brand, office, and staff. It is also a major marketing and patient-recruiting tool that can’t be ignored. So, it needs to be the best it can be. We’ve put together a list of essential (yet simple!) website components, along with examples of practices doing it well (more…)

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10 Plain Weird Requests That Dentists Get From Patients

Dentists hear it all! Whether they’ve been practicing for 20 years or 20 days, it doesn’t take long to get some strange requests from patients. Most aren’t the Hollywood “I demand only red skittles” kind of weird, but you’ll see what we mean. The following are down right weird (and even strangely popular) requests that dentists receive followed by the best ways for the doctor to handle them.

1. Can you pull my tooth without anesthesia?

This is perhaps one of the most common strange requests dentists get. Why would a patient want this? Maybe they are more afraid of needles than pain. Either way, this is a request your favorite dental professionals get often enough.

2. Can you pull my teeth and just give me dentures?

Some people must believe that it’s just easier to care for dentures than their perfectly healthy teeth. We suppose a dentist could use this as an opportunity to talk about dental implants.

 3. Can you wire my mouth shut to help me with my diet?

While dentists can recommend teeth-healthy diet, most aren’t dieticians. Why a patient would go through something so extreme to lose weight, that’s not the typical diet and exercise is beyond us!

4. Can you drill a hole in my tooth and set a diamond?

Most dentists we know wouldn’t recommend this procedure. It’s a trend that is growing in popularity, but to drill into a perfectly health tooth? It’s also hard to clean and keep healthy long term.

5. Can I get a tooth tattoo?

This one is another trend growing in popularity. Typically it’s added to a crown not the tooth and there are dental offices that specialize in this procedure. So, while it’s weird to some, some dentists are cashing in on this trend!

6. Can I hire your hygienist to come to my house and clean my teeth every day?

It’s great to have great oral care, but to pay someone to do it? That’s a strange one. We suppose it makes sense if you REALLY don’t want to put your hands in your own mouth.

7. Can you give my dog braces?

This one definitely exists! Dog lovers out there can absolutely get their dogs braces now. They just maybe want to ask a veterinary dentist instead?

8. Can you numb my lips so I can get a lip tattoo without it hurting?

You might be noticing a trend here. Several of these are aesthetic requests. This one is no different! People can now get their makeup tattooed onto their face. They must be afraid that it’ll especially hurt their lips.

9. Can I keep my teeth so I can make jewelry with them?

Believe it or not, jewelry made from teeth is a thing. Seriously, Google it. It’s a perfectly normal request for parents to request their child’s first tooth, but a dentist may look at you funny if you if you ask for it to make a bracelet.

10. Can you give me a snaggle tooth?

This one is yet another mind-boggling aesthetic trend. This is one that as is spreading from its home country of Japan. There is even a girl pop group – each member with a mouth full of snaggle teeth.

Tips to handle the strange requests:

  • Take them seriously: You may think asking for a full-mouth extraction is strange, but maybe the patient thinks it’s a smart move. Be sensitive to their request.
  • Let them know if it’s something you do: Is this something you do in your office? For the most part the items listed above are strange enough, but maybe they ask for something you are capable of doing. That’s when you ask yourself if it’s something you are okay completing.
  • Check your ethics: Does the strange procedure get in the way of your ethical code? If so, say no.
  • Educate them: Inform them about the procedure they are asking for, the consequences, and long-term complications.
  • Let them down easy: Let them know you care about their dental health, and that in good conscience you can’t complete a procedure you know will harm them later.

Dentists get strange requests from patients ranging from prosthetic fangs to braces for their dogs. Have you heard of any strange requests that you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments!

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SimplePay is a no-credit check, 0% interest financing program that approves all your patients. Get your patient’s treatment financed in 15 minutes and start growing your revenues immediately.