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How to Clarify Your Dental Services Costs to Clients

How to Clarify Your Dental Services Costs to Clients - Infographic

Approaching the subject of how much your dental services costs with your patients can leave some dentists feeling uncomfortable. While you might feel uneasy about it, it is very important that you are upfront with your patients. That way, they can seek out dental finance options or look into a dental payment plan if they need to.

What Kind of Service are you Providing?

A lot of how you should approach this topic depends on the kind of dental service you are providing to your patients. If you are working as part of a fixed fee service, like a PPO or HMO, then the patient will most likely know how much the service costs and how much they will be responsible for when they walk in. Still, it is a good idea to remind them of the copay agreed upon by the insurance company to be sure they are aware. If you are providing fee for service dentistry, then you should disclose the price as soon as you know the course of treatment you are recommending. Since this is usually more expensive, people may need to find a dentist payment plan to finance it.

Know the Insurance Plans

A common misconception of fee for service dentistry is that insurance companies won’t pay for it if they have a network of preferred care providers. While this is true for some plans, many insurance companies will also cover a portion of the cost of treatment for dentists outside their preferred network. Know the plans that allow this and the copay amount the patient will owe so you can properly inform them of the cost of their treatment. This way, you will know that you are telling your patients the best and most accurate price possible. Patients will appreciate your research and feel comfortable knowing they have options when it comes to their dentist.

Consider Offering Dental Finance Plans

Even with insurance, a good portion of dental patients will not be able to cover the costs of their recommended care plan and will cancel some or all services because of it. It leads to lost revenue for you and poor dental care for your patients. If your practice currently only accepts full payment upon delivery of services, it might be time to consider offering dental payment plans. Here at SimplePay, we charge the practice a small monthly fee to provide their patients with 0% interest dental financing that doesn’t require a credit check. This will make your services affordable to many more people, helping you retain customers and bring in new business. It’s a win-win situation: More business for the dentists and better care for more patients.

It’s no secret that the cost of dental care can frighten some people away from treatment. Nevertheless, it is best to be direct and upfront about the cost of your services. It will allow time for people to find a dental payment plan if they need it, and people will appreciate the honesty as well.

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Dentistry 101: Best Staff Retention Strategies for Dentists

Dentistry 101: Best Staff Retention Strategies for Dentists - Infographic

People are the lifeblood of all organizations, which is why it is vital that you work hard to retain quality staff members at your dental practice. Retaining high-quality employees will make your practice a better place to work and provide your patients with top-notch service. People will notice the difference and choose you, even if it means they have to find dental financing. If this is something you often struggle with, here are some tips on how to retain staff.

Spend Time Finding Quality Candidates

The first part of retaining high-quality staff is hiring the right people in the first place. You should look for employees who are emotionally intelligent as well as book smart, with a solid background in the field they are applying for. Keep in mind the kind of atmosphere your practice has and try to find people who will fit in and enhance the ambiance. Make sure that they haven’t developed a pattern of changing jobs every few months are so, since they probably won’t stay at yours very long either. It can be easy to hire just about anyone if you are short-staffed, but spending time finding the right person for the job will pay off in the long run.

Identify Key Positive and Negative Employees

If your hiring practices were a little lax and you now have a practice full of employees, the first steps to retaining the best staff are identifying key positive and negative employees. Negative employees consistently put a low amount of effort into their work and also bring the mood of the office down. Positive employees will regularly go the extra mile to help those around them. There will only be a couple of each at each job, as the vast majority of staff will just maintain the status quo. The key is getting rid of toxic negative employees and rewarding positive staff members to show them that they are valued. This will make your practice a better place to work for all. Keep in mind this may include people you work with regularly as well as your direct employees, like representatives at medical financing companies.

Be Clear About Expectations and Evaluate Staff

Employees are at their happiest when they know exactly what the expectations are for their jobs. You should take the time to make sure job descriptions are as accurate as possible and to regularly update them and inform employees of the changes. You should also evaluate staff at regular meetings, usually annually or biannually. That way, the employee can get honest and constructive feedback about their performance and work to improve it. Don’t worry too much about hurting your staff’s feelings. Quality employees want to perform well at their job and will appreciate you took the time to talk to them candidly.

There are other things you can do as well, like utilizing dental practice financing to improve your office space, but these three tips will go a long way without any disruption of business at your practice. While It may seem like a struggle at times, it is worth the time and the energy to retain good staff members at your dental practice.

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Top 5 Dental Marketing Resolutions for 2016


Dental practices should revisit their marketing strategies at least once per year. By analyzing your current patient flow and determining how you can better market to your target demographic, you can make 2016 your best year yet. Here are five marketing resolutions that apply to every dental practice.

#1 – Update Your Website

In 2015, for the first time ever, there were more searches from smartphones and tablets than from personal computers. As such, shifting the focus of your website design to better suit the mobile demographic is one resolution you should make immediately. Be sure to keep things simple and aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, you should be sure that your site contains lots of real patient testimonials and information about yourself and your practice. Finally, your website should be scrollable, and it should contain a static menu that users can access from any point.

#2 – Get Social

More people than ever before are relying on social networks like Facebook and Twitter for their information. This is true whether it comes to the news, local happenings, or even their choices in products and services. By updating your social network account at least once per day in 2016, you can make yourself visible to a brand new demographic. Be sure that you ask questions to get everyone engaged and invite user interaction in other ways, too. You can even include a call to action in your posts urging viewers to schedule their cleanings with you.

#3 – Offer (and Advertise) New Payment Options

Money is always a huge source of concern for your patients. While you probably have some who have excellent insurance, others may not have any dental coverage at all. The more flexible you are with your payment options, the more patients you can see. Be sure to advertise any financial help you can offer, including your office’s referral programs. What’s more, consider adding options like SimplePay, which offers interest-free financing with affordable monthly payments. It appeals to those who have no insurance but who would like to see a dentist.

#4 – Write a Blog

Blogs are a great way to optimize your website and your social media account for search engines. All it takes is one weekly post to improve your traffic. Be sure that you use the tools provided by Google to determine which keywords are trending in your local area, then use those keywords to your advantage. As an example, if people in your city search for “new whitening techniques”, be sure that your blog post for that week covers the techniques you offer.

#5 – Become an Authority

The best way to improve your practice in 2016 is to become an authority in the dental industry. The good news is that if you follow the other four resolutions listed above, you’re already well on your way. Your blog posts give you ample opportunity to show off your knowledge, and when you are visible on social media, people start to recognize you. This is all very important for marketing.

The top five marketing resolutions for 2016 are quite simple to follow. Update your website, become active on social media, offer payment options like SimplePay, and add a blog. All of this will make you an authority in your field and give you a significant advantage over your local competitors.

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Ultimate Guide to Your Dental Payment Options


In order to increase your patient flow, it is important to make sure that your dental office provides several different payment options. Below, you can discover some of the best choices out there, including SimplePay, and the patients to whom they generally apply.

Dental Insurance and Discount Programs

In order to appeal to as many patients as possible, it is important for your practice to accept a variety of major dental insurance and discount programs. Thanks to recent changes in healthcare programs, many people who found themselves unable to afford dental coverage have obtained it. This means that you should take the time to determine the most common types of dental coverage out there and make sure that you accept them. What’s more, you should also decide whether to see patients who have your state’s Medicaid program.

In-House Financing

Many dental offices provide in-house financing options for patients who need more expensive procedures. Although this is risky, it is possible to check your patients’ credit histories before extending this financing to them. If you choose to offer this sort of financing, make sure that you check with your competitors to find out what sort of interest rates they provide to their patients. After all, it is important to remain competitive in your local market.

Cash or Credit Card Payments

Most dental offices require their patients to make payments for things like co-pays or for services that are not covered under their dental insurance plans up front. The majority of patients who must pay out-of-pocket for services rendered choose to do so with a major credit card. Because of this, it is important that your office accepts all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


SimplePay is a wonderful alternative to (or addition to) in-house financing. It offers your patients the ability to make regular monthly payments for services rendered with 0% interest, all without credit checks. If your patients should default on their payments, SimplePay continues to send you the amount owed. This means that you do not have to be concerned with patients who may not make their payments; everything is handled on the back end.

Referral Programs

More and more dental practices are offering referral discounts these days. Essentially, this simply means that you will provide your patients with a discount for every new patient they send to your office. Many practices will promise $40 off any procedure over $100 for each patient referred, but you can feel free to change this to your liking. Remember, though – just like in-house financing, it is important to find out what kind of referral programs your competitors offer so that you can remain relevant locally.

The more dental payment options you can provide, the more secure your patients will feel. After all, many people avoid dentists due to the out-of-pocket expenses, and if you can help them ease that burden with options like SimplePay and referral programs, they are more likely to come to you for all of their dental services and needs.

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