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The Most Influential Dental Industry Marketing Trends for 2017

The Most Influential Dental Industry Marketing Trends for 2017 - Infographic

2016 is almost gone, and 2017 will soon be here. Dental technology and practices advances constantly, which means that those who keep up with the latest trends will be in the best position to flourish in the new year. While it’s impossible to predict every trend and innovation that the future holds, here are a few key marketing moves that will likely affect dental practices next year. Knowing about these will help give you an early leg up on the competition.

A Mobile-Focused Web Presence

Smartphones have slowly been taking over the online market, and 2017 promises to be another step toward that dominance. As the year wraps up, you should make sure to view your website on mobile devices, especially on an iPhone or Android phone. If your site loads poorly or isn’t formatted properly, it’s time to overhaul your web presence. Modern patients who are looking for a new dentist won’t take the time to wait for a poorly-constructed site to load up on their phones before moving on to somebody else. Additionally, modern search engine algorithms prioritize mobile friendly content, so making sure your site is compatible will increase the chances of new patients finding you.

Video-Focused Content Creation

Adding new content to your website, ranging from blogs to tutorials and more, is an essential part of making sure that people view information about your practice online. This content doesn’t have to be specific to your practice – you can provide general information about dental surgery or oral hygiene. In fact, adding some general content helps make your practice more desirable to people who would normally stick with a dentist they already know. In creating this content, never underestimate the value of videos. They are more likely to engage viewers and more likely to be shared with others. Dental-focused videos are unlikely to go viral, but they can be invaluable when it comes to dental marketing.

Easier Payment Options

When it comes to planning dental services, many potential patients miss out on services that might help them because they are worried about payment. Putting simple and easy financing options up front and center in your marketing materials and on your website gets patients’ attention and lets them know that they are financially protected throughout the experience. When you plan your digital marketing for 2017, make sure to look into financing options such as, which offers a no-credit check, 0% interest program that makes financial planning a breeze for patients while also guaranteeing that the practice gets paid. Doing so will give you a leg up in the industry.

Digital marketing never stands still, which means that your practice needs to keep up if you want to keep attracting new patients. Luckily, you don’t need to be a digital expert in order to stay ahead of the curve. Just follow the tips here when planning your digital marketing strategy for 2017, and you’ll see that your practice can thrive well into the new year, no matter what else 2017 may bring.

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The Benefits of a Dental Payment Plan for Your Practice & Patients

The Benefits of a Dental Payment Plan for Your Practice & Patients - Infographic

Whether a patient has dental insurance or not, paying for a procedure can often be cost prohibitive. This prevents many patients from getting the best dental treatment available – even if they can afford a procedure, they might balk at the idea of it because they are worried about price. Making a dental payment plan like an option available at can help mitigate this problem, giving your patients peace of mind while also ensuring that you get paid promptly.

Financial Assurance

First and foremost, a dental payment plan allows both you and your patients to know exactly what to expect in terms of financing. For your practice, this means that you have assurance that a bill will get paid on time and as expected. If a payment gets missed or the patient stops paying, there are mechanisms in place to ensure that you still get the money that you deserve. For the patient, this means better peace of mind when it comes to planning for the future. A major dental procedure goes from being a crippling one-time expense to something that can be budgeted around, with a little bit of income going toward the purchase every month. This aids financial well-being and can also boost a credit score.

Better Follow-Up Care

Having a plan in place has several additional benefits as well. Most notably, it impacts the level of follow-up care a patient receives. Because the financing system provides a way to budget major costs and a degree of stability, it means that your patients are more likely to become repeat customers. Their odds of missing a follow-up appointment are minimal, and they are more likely to consider additional procedures as needed, ranging from sealants to help prevent cavities to additional work to improve a smile. This means that the dental office can provide better and more intensive care than before, while the patient can live a healthier life with a clean and beautiful smile.

Good Credit Health

The biggest stumbling block that people tend to face when it comes to making dental payment plans is bad credit. Whether a customer has had credit troubles in the past or has no significant credit history at all, they often believe that they are unlikely to be able to afford proper dental care because of this. On the practice side, customers with poor credit histories mean less reliable payment or even nonpayment of outstanding bills. Luckily, a good payment plan system helps to mitigate this., for example, offers plans even to those who have a rocky credit history. This not only ensures that everybody gets what they need, but also allows customers with a poor history to build better credit.

The ability for a practice to provide a dental payment plan is essential to making sure that every patient gets the care and respect that they deserve. The best plans are available even to those who have had past credit struggles, and a system like can benefit both practices and patients.

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5 Reasons to Involve Your Dental Patients in the Treatment Planning Process

Reasons to Involve Dental Patients in Treatment Planning - Infographic

Most dentists know that treating patients with respect is the key to making sure that they respect you in turn. This can extend beyond just the time they are in the exam chair – by keeping them informed throughout the long-term treatment planning process, you can help them get a better smile while also saving significant costs yourself. Here are five reasons why you should make your patients a part of the planning process.

1: It Sets Realistic Expectations

If your patient requires a lot of additional work or the treatment you have in mind is a multi-part process, it’s best to make sure that information is clear from day one. Involving the patient with the treatment planning process in this regard helps them understand the full scope of their treatment, so they aren’t expecting to be done after one or two visits when the problem might be larger than that.

2: You Can Gauge Your Patient’s Reaction

Patients might say they’re fine with something, but looking at their face can tell a different story. By going over the details of a dental plan in person, you get a chance to figure out how comfortable they are in given situations. This in turn allows you to adjust the plan with something they aren’t totally comfortable with, suggesting alternatives if necessary.

3: You Can Answer Questions Efficiently

Previewing a detailed dental plan with your patients is a good way to make sure they have an immediate opportunity to ask you questions that come to mind. You won’t get all of their questions up front, but you will be able to make sure you have a good idea of where their issues and concerns lie. You can direct them to additional information or provide them with step-by-step guidance should more issues arise.

4: You Have More Flexibility if Complications Arise

It’s important to note that making a dental treatment plan doesn’t mean that you are locked into that plan. Going over the plan with your patient can help reinforce that fact to them. You can detail what the expected treatment is and also line up options should unexpected complications come up. This helps to greatly reduce uncertainty in the treatment and care process.

5: Payment Becomes Easier

The treatment plan gives you a chance to review not only the medical side of things, but also the financial side. By going over the costs for planned procedures, you can allow a patient to budget for upcoming expenses properly. If it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to easily afford the procedures, credit programs like SimplePay offer a no-credit check, 0% interest financing program that ensures the patient will be able to cover the procedure and you will get paid.

Planning the dental treatment process with your patient benefits everybody. It is the best way to go if you want results which are efficient, predictable, and effective. This way, you can adjust for any surprises and make sure that everybody is treated fairly.

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How to Afford Dental Implants

How to Afford Dental Implants - Infographic

Dental implants are a great way to keep your smile looking its best even if you need major work done. They provide all the convenience of real teeth without any of the problems suffered by dentures and other replacements. However, all of these benefits come with a cost, and sometimes that cost can be too high for people’s liking. If you need dental implants but the cost scares you, here are some suggestions that can help make the procedure much more affordable.

Find a Good Financing Program

Even if you have poor credit or no credit, financing options like SimplePay allow you to get the money you need without a credit check and with no interest rates to worry about. All you need for this option is a social security number, valid ID, active checking account, and proof of income. Financing options like these can turn a big bill into a series of smaller, more manageable payments. In doing so, they can also make sure that you retain financial flexibility along with a perfect smile.

Explore Your Insurance Options

Most insurance plans won’t cover the full cost of dental implants, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Check to see if you can switch to a high-end plan that covers more of the cost of the procedure and implants. Even if you don’t you can work with your dentist to schedule the multiple procedures needed close to the end of your plan’s year. This allows you to use one year’s limit for the initial costs, then gives you your full limit back for procedures after the new year begins.

Ask About Package Options

If you need multiple implants, you should ask your dentist if it is possible to handle them all as part of the same procedure. Many dental offices provide reduced rates for patients who need multiple high-cost procedures. Additionally, this means less time spent in the dentist’s chair, since a single surgery can cover numerous aspects of the process instead of requiring that you go through the same procedure multiple times.

Make a Plan with Your Dentist

One of the most important things that you can do in order to afford dental implants is to make a plan with your dentist. In most cases, your doctor will sit down with you and go over the details of the different procedures and processes, giving you a feel for what you need and what is to come. This can be very helpful when it comes to figuring out the cost, because it allows you to see a breakdown of how the final dollar amount comes to be. It also gives you a chance to identify possible savings or eliminate optional treatments that you can’t afford.

With some planning and knowledge, you can make dental implants affordable even if you don’t have much disposable income. After reducing the costs as much as possible, going for a convenient financing option like SimplePay can make a financial nightmare turn into a series of easy payments that work for you.

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