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Ways to Stop Putting Off your Dental Treatment and Afford Dental Care Today

Stop Putting Off your Dental Treatment - Infographic

Do you need to have dental treatment performed, but have been putting it off for longer than you care to admit? When questioned about why they delay treatment, most people state that they simply cannot afford the high cost of having dental work done – along with being afraid of the dentist, of course! Below is some handy advice that will help you get the dental care you need – when you need it.

#1 – Ask for Discount

Many dental practices will do everything they can to prevent patients from going elsewhere for treatment, including offering discount to anyone who is able to pay cash upon completion of the work. If you don’t have dental insurance and are going to be paying cash for your treatment, don’t be afraid to ask for discount. In most cases, you could get anywhere between 5% and 25% shaved off the price when doing so – as the saying goes, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” There may even be instances where a dental service provider will be willing to give discount if your bill is paid within 30 days of having treatment as well.

#2 – Consider Having Treatment Done in Stages

In a lot of cases, it is possible to have your dental work done in stages. For example, if you have numerous cavities that require filling or root canals that need to be performed, you can have 1 or 2 attended to at a time and pay upon completion as you go. You can then take a break in between to save up and pay cash for the rest of your treatment or you can even find out whether your dentist offers an instalment-based payment or budget plan such as that offered by SimplePay. This system will enable you to get the treatment you need and repay the amount owing in affordable instalments.

#3 – Inquire about the Possibility of Financing

These days, many dental practices realize that very few patients can afford to pay for their treatment in full at the time of having it done. This has resulted in them opting to implement the SimplePay system at their practices. Unlike many other systems, all patients who apply for credit will be approved, meaning that you will not have to wait in agony while trying to find a way to pay to have your dental work done. In addition, SimplePay is one of few payment plan systems where you will not pay any interest on the amount you owe for dental work that has been done.

Dental works is not something that should be delayed for too long, especially in cases where teeth are cracked, broken or have developed excessively large cavities. Putting it off will only result in you having to pay out even more money over the long term. When using a dentist that offers the SimplePay option, you will be able to rest assured in knowing that only a small amount will need to be repaid each month for it.

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How to Increase Patient Acceptance with a Dental Imaging System

Increase Patient Acceptance with a Dental Imaging System

Nowadays, dentists are able to perform a fantastic range of procedures – many of which were unheard of a decade or so ago. Imaging technology has advanced to the point where it is now possible for dentists to show their patients how they will look after having their dental work done – before doing anything. Below are some ways in which dentists can increase patient acceptance levels by embracing this form of technology.

#1 – Enable Patients to See End Results Beforehand

Most people – including dental patients – respond best to visual stimuli. In other words, dentists will stand far more chance of having patients agree to have dental work done if they can see the end results of how their teeth, mouth and overall smile will look before the first injection is even administered. Using a range of dental imaging devices and options will enable you as a dentist to show your patients how they will be able to benefit from having essential and/or purely cosmetic dental work done at your practice.

#2 – Inform Patients How safe it is

In years gone by, dental patients would have to have endured having numerous x-ray images taken of their teeth. Not only were these images extremely unclear; patients who had to have x-rays performed repeatedly would have been exposed to extremely high amounts of radiation as well. However, many dental imaging systems now rely on a tiny camera that is inserted into the patient’s mouth in order to obtain accurate images of the teeth and gums. This reduces the amount of exposure to harmful radiation for the patient and the dentist, making dentistry safer than ever before. If x-rays are still needed, they are usually done digitally now as well.

#3 – Show Patients How it Saves Time

Another great benefit of dental imaging systems is that they have been designed to provide imagery within a matter of seconds – unlike x-rays and other methods that used to take more than just a few minutes to develop and present to the patient. This enables patients to quickly see for themselves what is wrong inside their mouths and it also provides you as the dentist with an easy way to show them on a screen where potential problems are and how they are going to be attended to.

#4 – Available Types of Dental Imaging Systems

Among the most common types of dental imaging systems are intraoral x-ray sensors and digital panoramic x-ray systems. Intraoral units replace standard x-ray systems, while digital panoramic systems are able to capture a single image of all of a patient’s teeth at the same time. Dental cone beam systems enable dentists to get a better view of the parts of a patient’s mouth where implants are going to be inserted, while the available range of imaging software products that are available do a great job of showing everything to a patient in great detail.

Being willing to embrace dental imaging software and products will enable you as a dentist to retain an existing client base as well as improve patient acceptance rates in general.

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How to Increase Your Dental Practice Productivity with New Scheduling System

Increase Your Dental Practice Productivity with New Scheduling System - Infographic

Dental services can be improved with the dynamic new scheduling system SimplePay that helps dental practices offer better scheduling of appointments and payment schemes for patients. This system guarantees accurate and prompt payments for all dental treatments rendered.

Benefits of Scheduling System

The SimplePay scheduling system works to benefit all dental practices in many ways.

1) Available dental services to all

The scheduling system approves all patients to ensure a good flow of patients for the dental care clinic where patients are not turned away on credit history or financial standing. Good dental care and treatment services are made available to all walks of life.

2) Hassle-free financing

The scheduling system has no gimmicks or hidden fees to offer hassle-free financing on all types of dental services. The system only requires a valid social security number and ID with an active checking account besides proof of income. The patient may be approved for 100% financing with 0% interest.

3) Guaranteed payments to dentists

The system covers the dentist on all payment uncertainties with no risk as guaranteed payments on all dental services or treatment are assured. Prompt payments offer dentists the peace of mind to work diligently on every patient.

4) Increasing patient demands

More patients are likely to come when there are no credit checks or down payments on the required dental services. Dentists are able to concentrate on providing the best of dental services to every patient with more treatments over time.

5) Increased revenue

SimplePay offers an increasing revenue flow as more patients are more likely to opt for dental services that assist in easy payments on dental services. The increased revenue would grow the practice faster with more funds to enhance facilities and resources.

Dynamics of Scheduling System

Having a dynamic scheduling system in place helps dental practices gain higher revenue as more patients have a better accessible financing option. Only 55% of dental patients are covered by insurance for their dental treatments but even so, a huge balance must be settled personally. Many others without insurance steer away from essential dental services and treatment.

It is difficult for many dental patients to secure credit-based financing on most dental treatments and services. This causes a low patient rate in many dental clinics as patients are unable to afford the treatments.

SimplePay provides an easy financing on dental services for patients without interest or credit checks. Approval of dental services financing is definite with guaranteed payments to dentists. Such a system benefits millions of patients to enjoy good dental care that impacts a healthy lifestyle and living.

The scheduling system is also versatile in dental services marketing where more patients would be made aware of the dynamics of the dental practice. This would generate a steady stream of dental patients which builds up a stronger flow of income for dentists.

More finances are available to enhance the practice through the scheduling system operating automatically every day. This also helps in the elimination of disadvantages from conventional financing for patients who do not need to hesitate about looking great with a fantastic smile.


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Proven Tactics to Reduce Dental Treatment Cancellations in Your Practice

Tactics to Reduce Dental Treatment Cancellations - Infographic

Many reasons prevail in the cancellation of a dental treatment appointment which is a bane to the dentist and the dental practice. The professional service scheduling is thrown off for the day with less revenue especially with impromptu dental cancellations.

This situation is worsened when the patient does not show up for the scheduled appointment without prior notification. The dentist and dental team are left waiting and precious time is wasted which could accommodate another patient.

A well-designed scheduling system could remove such hassles of dental appointments and cancellations. A performing dental practice should avoid appointment cancellations at all cost to improve revenue. Dental practices could adopt 7 proven tactics to reduce dental treatment cancellations for higher earnings.

1) Efficient Administration

Proactive dental administrators or assistants must be efficient in identifying patients who have a history of appointment cancellation. These patients need to be reminded of their dental appointments more frequently than others to avoid an impromptu no-show.

A dynamic scheduling system could send off even last-hour reminders to such patients with a required response of confirmation on appointments.

2) Professional Discernment on Appointments

Efficient dental administrators must be professional while exercising discretion in setting and confirming dental appointments with patients particularly those with a history of potential cancellation or no-show.

The administrator may need to be more discerning over the appointments set for patients with potential patients to fill the open slots when necessary.

3) Waiting List Mentality

Patients with a confirmed appointment tend to take it for granted and become irresponsible towards their scheduled appointment. Patients should be on a “waiting list schedule” where they must be present to enjoy their booked appointment slot before it is given over to those who are available at that time.

4) Database of Patients for automated reminders

Modern technologies offer dynamic scheduling dental systems with versatile features that include reminders on appointments. This system builds up the required patient database with the right email addresses to enable an email or text message on dental appointment reminders.

The email contact information must be regularly updated to ensure accuracy and prompt delivery of mails. A proper opt-in response from every patient is preferred in this database system

5) Win Patients Over

When patients experience stellar professional dental care which they enjoy, they are sure to keep their next appointments. Hence, dentists and dental assistants play a crucial role in making their patients feel comfortable and happy to receive professional dental services and quality dental treatments.

A friendly disposition by dentists and dental assistants also helps reduce dental treatment cancellations as a warm reception to the patients would raise their level of reliability and commitment to appointments.

6) Educating Patients

When patients are aware of the importance of honoring their dental appointments through well-written brochures and in-house educational videos, they would act more responsibly. This is part of the good dental services offered to patients to ensure a pleasant visit to the dentist.

7) Implement a Scheduling System

Dental practices with a lack of professional manpower could implement a dynamic scheduling system that handles dental appointments efficiently to lower cancellations.

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SimplePay is a no-credit check, 0% interest financing program that approves all your patients. Get your patient’s treatment financed in 15 minutes and start growing your revenues immediately.