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Fees and Payments

What fees does my practice pay to enroll?

We charge a monthly subscription fee of $199. There are no set-up fees or yearly contract. You pay by month and cancel anytime.

Your monthly fees is seems to be high? Can you explain?

Here is what’s covered in your monthly fees:

  • Online and offline marketing materials to help you promote SimplePay to your patients
  • Ongoing customer support with a Designated Practice Advocate who is available by phone or email during business hours.
  • Comprehensive staff training
  • Patient account management that includes payment collection (if necessary).
  • Patient referrals

Our monthly subscription fee is your investment in marketing and growing your practice.

How do we pay the 10% discount?

SimplePay takes 10% of every patient payment. For example, if your patient has a $200/month payment, SimplePay will deposit $180 into your account.

Does my patient pay any fees?

Yes, your patients will be required to pay a one-time $39 patient enrollment fee and a $4 per month transaction fee. There is no interest applied to your patient’s balance at any time.

Patients fees seem to be high. How do I justify?

Patients are responsible for a $39 enrollment fee and a $4 transaction fee. There are no other exorbitant charges such as penalties or compounding interests. These fees cover our administrative costs such as:

  • I.D. Verification
  • Underwriting
  • Down payment and payment processing
  • Bank fees
  • Monthly statements
  • Payment reminders
  • Patient support with a Designated Patient Advocate who is available by phone or email during business hours.
How do I get paid?

SimplePay makes a direct deposit into your specified account on the 7th of every month.

Do I get the patient’s down payment?

Yes, we collect the patient’s down payment in order to confirm the active checking account. Once we collect the down payment, it will be included in full (less the 10%) in your weekly provider down payments.

Why don’t I get paid a lump sum?

SimplePay is unique in the way we collect payments and pay our providers. We take a monthly payment approach, which allows us to approve all of your patients by stretching our risk over the term.

Why does SimplePay discount my payments?

The 10% discount is how we manage our risk and liability. The entire 10% is used directly for liability and reserves.

Can I apply additional fees to the patient treatment plan?

SimplePay does not restrict providers from applying additional fees to your patient treatment plans. SimplePay encourages all providers to verify with local legal counsel that your state will allow adding a finance charge to a patient’s account.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

Fill out a provider enrollment form and start enrolling patients immediately! Click Here for the Online Enrollment Form.

How do I get a patient approved?

Ensure the patient enrollment form is completed and fax or email it to us. We will approve your patient once we receive all the necessary information. To speed up the process, confirm your patient has the required criteria for approval – ID, SSN, bank account, income, and funds for a down payment.

Patient Enrollment

How long does patient approval take?

SimplePay approves your patients in 15 minutes or less.

What if my patient doesn’t have a checking account?

Unfortunately, SimplePay cannot approve any patients without an active checking account.

How big or small of a monthly payment can my patients make?

You and your patient will determine the monthly payment amount. We allow your practice to find a comfortable payment amount. We in some instances will insist on giving the patient a smaller payment option based on underwriting for that patient.

Patient Repayments

What if my patient stops paying SimplePay?

SimplePay will contact your patient and attempt to collect the missed or late payment. Your provider payment will not be affected by a missed patient payment.

Are you going to be overly aggressive if my patients miss a payment?

No! SimplePay prides itself in customer service. Our Patient Advocates work with patients to help maintain a successful account. SimplePay waives all late fees and penalties in order to keep patients happy and successful.

What happens if my patient pays my practice directly?

Occasionally patients will want to pay off an account in person at your office. SimplePay asks that you instruct the patient to contact us for the pay off. Once paid off we will forward the funds to your office.

Can I adjust a patient’s financed amount?

Yes, your staff will be trained on how to make these changes.

Can I have SimplePay stop servicing my patients?

Yes, you still maintain ultimate control over your patient accounts. As long as your patients do not owe SimplePay any past due monies, you can request the account be canceled and/or returned to you.

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